Jett and Mommy


Hi! My name is Veronica and I started CüffBaby for a few reasons...

My first reason is my son, Jett. 

CuffBaby Family - James, Jett, Veronica DeLucaThere are so many cute accessories out there for little girls, but I could never find anything I liked for him. I started making leather cuffs for him because I thought they were cute and I loved that I could personalize them for him. I also loved that I could make them for both of us and pretend we were twins. (WooooHoooo matching, amiright?!)

The second reason I started CüffBaby, is because we are working on growing our little family, and unfortunately that costs a pretty penny when things don't happen naturally. 

Jett is our little miracle. My husband James and I have had a hard time conceiving. After James underwent surgery, we tried for over a year to get pregnant unsuccessfully before a close friend asked if she could gather friends to pray over me. My sweet friends prayed and I cried for about two hours one night and the following month, I WAS PREGNANT! I will never stop thanking Jesus for my miracle- I know Jett is the result of MANY prayers!

Since Jett, we have tried to conceive again for 4 years. The first time I wanted to have a baby, it was for us. I wanted to have a family with James. I wanted to be a mom and all that good stuff. Now we have this miracle boy and I am so thankful. Words can't describe the depth of my gratitude for this precious boy, but with all that joy, there is also a new sadness in not being able to conceive. It kills me that I can't give Jett a life-long buddy to grow up with. We want another little person to be with us when we go on fun family trips and wake up Christmas morning. Our hearts have more love to give!

That brings us to today... Over the last couple years our hearts have been moved by stories of rescue and adoption, and I have realized that if nobody ever had a hard time conceiving, far fewer adoptions would take place. I believe that God has allowed us to walk through this struggle because of his love for children who need loving families.

Jett desperately wants a little brother or sister and we desperately want another child to love and raise as a part of our family. We would love to adopt a child, and CuffBaby was created to try to help raise the approx $25,000 it costs to fund an adoption in California. We are ready to be a family for a child who needs one. We've been given a miracle and I believe with all my heart that God's got one more miracle up His sleeve. I believe there's a little one out there somewhere or on the way who will complete our family and I just can't wait to meet them and love them with all my heart.

Each sale pushes us a little closer to our next child and so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. ❤️❤️❤️

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." --James 1:27


Photos on this page by Stacey Ramsey Photography