Plaid is Rad Studded Cuff- Red

Nothing says Old Skool Punk like some red and black plaid! Toss in some studs and it's over! This cuff can be worn to accent the perfect grunge look, or to add a finishing touch to a fancy holiday outfit, it's so versatile! 

It's 1.25" wide and the metallic plaid leather is attached to a black leather base for stability. It's topped pyramid studs in your choice of color, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The silver is shown here.

To get a good fit for this style of cuff, the inner cuff measurement should be approx .5" - .75" larger than your wrist measurement.

We also carry this cuff in green!


$ 20.00
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We’ve created this size guide based on average wrist measurements according to age, but for the best fit, measure wrist before ordering and order according to the proper cuff length.

To Measure:

1. Use a flexible measuring tape or piece of string and gently wrap it around the wrist, just below the wrist bone, in the same place you’d wear a watch.
2. Take note of the measurement if using a measuring tape, or cut the string to the proper length and then lay the string out straight and measure it using a ruler.
3. Add about 1/2” to obtain the proper cuff legnth. Extra wide cuffs require a little more length and narrow cuffs require a little less.

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